Linux md5sum command. The md5sum command prints a 32-character (128-bit) checksum of the given file, using the MD5 algorithm. Following is the command syntax of this command line tool:

Linux Gzip Command Tutorial for Beginners (7 Examples) We've tried to cover many of the important command line options in this tutorial. So once you're done practicing these, head to the tool's man page to learn more about it. About Himanshu Arora. Himanshu Arora has been working on Linux since 2007. He carries professional experience in system level programming, networking protocols, and command line. How to Change User in Linux Command Line Switch users in the command line. When using a Linux system you can log in with a user and then simply “switch” to another user through the same command line session. In order to do this, there is a command “su -“, which allows you to switch to become another user: [email protected]:~$ su - janedoe Password: [email protected]:~$ Command Line Only Options – Folding@home

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