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Aug 06, 2015 Cisco ASA QoS for VoIP Traffic - Networks Training From the diagram above we assume that we have already configured the IPSEC VPN and is working properly (i.e both subnets and can communicate via the tunnel). The example configuration below is for the ASA-1 firewall and should be applied accordingly to ASA-2 for better QoS performance. Adtran NetVanta 3430 Router with IPSec VPN - VoIP Supply The NetVanta 3430 with VPN and VQM offers enhanced performance IPSec VPN throughput capabilities to allow for fast network convergence of voice and data traffic through an encrypted network. By supporting IPSec, the NetVanta 3430 is fully compatible with other IPSec VPN …

First, we need to configure the 3rd party VPN in Meraki. This needs to be done on both Meraki appliances. In the Meraki portal, select the proper network, then navigate to Security Appliance > Site-to-site VPN.. From there, make sure the Type is set to Hub and the local subnets you supplied us earlier are set to Yes.. From there, scroll down until you see Organization-wide settings.

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IPsec VPN: EzVPN, GRE, DMVPN, VTI, GETVPN – CiscoZine Apr 26, 2011 Routing IP phones over wireless bridge with IPSEC tunnel