Mar 20, 2020 · Windows SmartScreen helps keep PCs safer by warning users before running unrecognized programs downloaded from the Internet. Some information is sent to Microsoft about files and programs run on

Sep 11, 2019 How to disable Windows SmartScreen in Windows 10 The SmartScreen filter is a technology which was initially designed for Internet Explorer to protect users from malicious websites and web applications. It was integrated with IE8 and IE9 (as the successor to IE7's Phishing filter). SmartScreen Filter says that it is not commonly downloaded Dec 16, 2011

Apr 16, 2015

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is a feature of Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. It is designed to help protect you from websites Microsoft believes are fraudulent that try to steal your personal information. In Internet Explorer 8 and later, SmartScreen also helps protect you from downloading malicious software. Report false positive detection in Internet Explorer Jan 04, 2012 Internet Explorer - Managing the Phishing/SmartScreen

One of the uses of the SmartScreen Filter attribute that Internet Explorer has is to prevent individuals from accessing and “obtaining stuck” phishing websites, phishing is one of the cybercrime mode that seeks to get delicate details such as usernames and passwords of an account (social networks, email, and even financial).

Internet Explorer has also evolved in terms of security too. The SmartScreen filter protects you from malicious advertisements, social threats and suspicious e-banking operations. How to use Smartscreen filter in Internet Explorer - YouTube Feb 15, 2013