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Comodo Dragon – Troubleshooting guides you on how to resolve problems that might arise when you are using Comodo Dragon. Read more here Jun 20, 2019 · Comodo Dragon is aC based web browser and includes the some qualities of Chromium while Chrome is a simple web browser and mobile web browser. Comodo Dragon is only available for Microsoft Windows Operating System while Chrome is available for Android, Linux, iOS, OS X in addition to Microsoft Windows Operating System. Dragon VS Google Chrome This is exactly why Comodo, the world's leading online security and trust assurance innovator, has stepped forward with Comodo Dragon. – A Chromium technology-based Web Browser that offers you all of Chrome's features PLUS the unparalleled level of security and privacy you only get from Comodo. SRware Iron distinguishes itself from Chrome by not sharing with Google any of the information you enter. Comodo Dragon likewise claims not to communicate with Google. As you might expect from a Jan 09, 2014 · Some disadvantages of Comodo Dragon: - The flash isn't as sandboxed as Chrome's - There is a considerable amount of delay until Dragon gets a version update. For example, if Chromium now is at version 33, Chrome now is at version 31, and Dragon is still at version 30

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¿comodo dragon vs google chrome? | Yahoo Respuestas 2013-4-30 · mas seguro tal vez Chrome, pero solo un tal vez, ten en cuenta que la mayoria te dice que Chrome solo porque es mas conocido, yo en lo personal siento que trabajo mejor en Comodo Dragon, incluso Opera lo siento mucho mejor que el Chrome, a mi me chafea del asco esa cosa, y ni siquiera aguanta extensiones, pero el mejor para mi y por mucho es el Firefox, trabaja muy bien con 20 o mas … avast safezone browser vs comodo dragon 2012-1-22

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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser lo mejor es q esta en español!!!.es muy bueno, mejor q safari e incluso mejor q google chrome, opera y mozilla. Portable Version Browser, Portable Mode Web - Comodo Comodo IceDragon browser allows users to quickly launch and use their pre-configured Comodo IceDragon any computer without the need to install, import bookmarks or modify settings. Download Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 32-bit … Comodo Dragon is a free Chromium technology-based web browser that takes security and privacy extremely seriously. It offers all the same features of Google Chrome and adds Comodo's unparalleled levels of security and privacy.