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Secure core with tor browser would bounce through 2 VPN servers and then exit trough random node. As in Tor server + tor browser, you would bounce through 1 vpn server then two Tor nodes. So which one you feel is more comforting, ether more tor nodes or more vpn servers, its for you to decide. Force All Traffic Through VPN Tunnel - Cisco Community To force users from remote site to go through the L2L vpn to access internet, your acl used in the crypto map should have the destination any and your nat for vpn traffic should change also with any keyword as destination. On the central site, you'll need to allows the nat fitted internet with the remote lan subnet and allow hair-pinning (same What is the difference between a VPN and a browser VPN add The main difference between a VPN app and a browser VPN add-on is the fact that the add-on is a proxy, not a VPN. A VPN works at the OS level and encrypts all the Internet traffic, for all applications (browsers, file sharing apps, mail clients, e Firefox is testing a VPN, and you can try it right now Sep 11, 2019

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